Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Closed gates of Asmabi

Closed gates of Asmabi!!

we went to Asmabi college during my short veaction,,,,,,
Nizar, My friend and me!
we had some nostalgic moments at our own asmabi college,,,,,
it was gr8 after all those long years ,,,,
same place with same friend
andsame choolmarakkadu,
andsame smell from the restaurent nearby,,,,,,

only the difference was we boys got bit older,,,,,,

and we did enjoy it,,,,,,
we dint talk much,,,,,
savored every moments in scilence,,,,

had walked through the corridoors,
through wich we made countless demonstrations,
against computerisation,
against private polytechnics,
against +2 and pyinkily weeklies,,
and fights during elections,,,

the stage,,,
on its platform we did act our play
and danced during youth festivals and college days!!

there stood the smelly urin shed,,,,,
where did we wait for our turn uncomfertably,,,,,
where did we pee countless times,,,,

and one thing was not there,,,,,
and i searched for it,,,,
but i could nt find it,,,,,,
the tree with lots of branches,
,stood there in the play ground,,,,,
near to the waiting shed,,,,
on which we rested on and used to sing
" ambili ammava thamara kombililenthundu"
while we wait FMS to come,,,,
trunks of choolamarams got roughend,
as no loving couples lean on to it,,
and make romantic chat now a days,,,
they all got net and mobile phnes,,,,

they seemed to be sad,
as droped its branches down,and
expecting romantic couples to lean on it,,
and share their feelings
while they waited for the bus to fetch them home,,,,,,,

i annoyed by the sight of closed gates,,,,
and securityman standing over there
and spying on guys,,,,,
it was all free during our days
and we seldome did missused it,i guess!!